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Many of us take amazing memorable photos with our iPhones, but only to forget about them and continue to take even more pictures.

With your own Digiphalto’s Digital Flipbook Photo Album for your iPhone, you can now organise your memorable photos digitally, just like you would in a traditional photo album, and store it digitally in your Keynote App on your iPhone.

Once you purchase to access the digital file, open the file in your (iOS) Keynote App to add your pictures. After inserting your images, simply flip through your digital flipbook photo album for a nostalgic and immersive experience. 

You are able to save and access your Digital Photo Album in Keynote, save it as a movie, as a PDF file etc. 

You are also able to share it with your friends and family and in case they don’t have Keynote, you can save it as a video and share it with them. You can also share it on your social media.

This Digital Flipbook Photo Album is iOS Keynote compatible. It is not an App in itself, hence it needs to be opened in the iOS Keynote Application. Therefore, please ensure Keynote is installed on your iPhone.

Digital Flipbook Photo Album by Digiphalto - Prime Rose | For iPhones

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